Exciting Education Can be a Fantasy Fulfilled!

Imagine a school where children are excited to show up EVERY DAY…for most of us, this seems flat out impossible, or at the very least an unlikely fantasy.

Whether you are a parent, student, or community member, you probably have some strong feelings about your education experience. Most of us are products of the traditional school system, and when I say “traditional” I’m including the parochial and secular private schools as well. The format is usually the same, walk in lines, sit in an orderly fashion in a classroom and take tests to show proficiency. We can all think of times when we enjoyed a lesson, class or teaching style and times we hated it. The idea of self-driven learning is to have the pleasant experiences of learning and growing far outweigh the negative.

I feel I’m the product of excellent public school systems. I really enjoyed going to school, and for many years I told everyone if I ever won the lottery, I would go to school for the rest of my life! I love the smell of a school and feel at home inside the walls of these public institutions (sounds crazy, I know). The traditional way can work spectacularly for some, but for those for which it does not work, the results can range from unpleasant (just waiting for school to be over) to torturous (we all know someone who is or has been on the edge of sanity when they recall instances in school)!

Exciting Education Fantasy Fulfilled School starts with a self driven curriculum. Here, children, our world’s natural learners (yes, even our personality filled teens!), explore and learn all the basic skills necessary for adult life through the pursuit of their own interest.

Check out this resource that describes “5 Ways to Encourage Self-Directed Learning in Young Children” – the beginning step!

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