But I Don’t Want to Get Real with My Numbers!!

Here’s what I know. My numbers are abysmal!  Looking at income vs. expenses is not a pretty sight, BUT there’s hope. This Brand Clarity Challenge with Abigail from Sweetspot Strategies has been an eye opener. As I’m in the infancy stages of starting a school, I think this initial shock is good.

One, working with a group of people that support me, not always the same people mind you, but finding a network of people in business as well as in the community has been enlightening and encouraging.  I’ve been surrounding myself with positive people, not the kind that are all unicorns and rainbows, but the heart warming kind that are positive and realistic.

Two, I’m learning so much about business, that as I move forward, even though I know I’ll make mistakes, I feel I have a MUCH better understanding of how success is accomplished and how basic pitfalls are avoided.

Today’s challenge was all about breaking down the numbers, that for me right now, just don’t exist. Not in the frustrating way like the last challenge, where I have been working very hard for a month and wasn’t tracking my activities, so I have no idea if I’m spending too much or not enough time on something, but frustrating because I don’t have a business income to report!  Embarrassing, a bit, but as I said, it’s ok, because I’m going to plan everything out and get the income for our new school rolling in!

Maintaining income will be a challenge as well, but one I think I’m up to. Keeping my eyes on the big dream is how my daily goals and accomplishments will make that dream a reality, someday…

Honestly, when I first looked at the numbers, I felt like a failure, but in the long run, feeling like a failure doesn’t help anyone. Slowly, one step at a time, I will figure this out, network, and be able to provide an amazing learning environment in which I believe wholeheartedly!

That is the goal, now I just have to pay attention to the hard numbers and take the steps to get there.



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