Struggling with Direction

I’m really struggling with direction lately.

I feel so torn between moving forward with the school and waiting until I have more experience in the private school world. I feel like my momentum is starting to waiver as my thought process gets all jumbled up going from moving forward and doing more research.

It’s a different kind of research though. More hands on and experience based rather than theory based. I may need to step back from my January Goal of filing paperwork for the 501(c)3, which kind of makes me feel like I’m failing this project.

At the same time, I feel it is important to know more about what I’m getting into so I don’t fail overall.

I guess I need to stop looking at it as failure and look at it more as a delay for education and a better chance of success in the future.

When I talk it through with friends and family, they are supportive either way,  ultimately, obviously, the final decision is mine.

I just realized with that last sentence, I need to reach out to my SCORE mentors and see what they think about my progress over the last few months. I wanted to be able to go to them at the end of the month after all of my paperwork was filed, but now that I think about it, I should reach out to them sooner… I think.

Today I followed the ALC (Agile Learning Center) Map in order to find the local start up listed, but both locations are closed. I didn’t visit the first one I found because online it said it was permanently closed. I went to the address listed for the second location, but the counseling business that is there had not heard of the ALC group. I was hoping to connect with like minded people so we could join forces.

I usually make a con/con list. I wish I could remember the article I read in graduate school about the con/con list. I’ve looked for it since, but haven’t been able to locate it.
At any rate, the journal article showed that when we make pro/con lists we still vacillate between the two choices, whereas if we make a con/con list the choice that is right for us usually jumps right out!

I haven’t made my con/con list. I think I’m procrastinating on this list because I’m afraid of what I will discover. My heart is pulling me toward creating the school now, and my head is telling me to research more. No better time than the present. Haste makes waste…and the debate goes on…

Goal for tomorrow?  Making a con/con list for real!  Time to get real with this whole process. For tonight, I’ll rest, meditate, and focus on finding the perfect solution.

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