Feet Dragging, Head Banging!

I am seriously dragging my feet on this con/con list, and I’ve had a low grade headache all day as well. Coincidence? Possible but not probable. I’m stressing myself out apparently.

I thought I would work on my con/con list and refine it before posting, but it doesn’t look like I really want to do that since I’m seriously procrastinating. So I’m going to just bang out my con/con list for all to see. Hopefully It’ll make sense.

Cons for starting a school now!

  • Not understanding possible pitfalls I would gain from more experience
  • No pool of students from which to pull
  • No funding except possible parent support
  • Not having the personnel or financial support needed for longevity
  • Possible burn out because I don’t have help right now
  • Having to swallow my pride to ask for money from friends and family

Cons for waiting and doing more hands on research.

  • Feel like I’m failing my project because I’m not moving forward
  • Getting into volunteer opportunities and not having enough time to work on my school
  • Not being true to my philosophy on a daily basis
  • Fear of losing my vision/giving up
  • Money going out for travel and other expenses to volunteer, still no money going in

I wish I could say this was helpful, but it wasn’t.

Usually there is one option that sticks out more than the other, but honestly I want to do both!

Is it possible? I think so, as long as I reevaluate my goals and take things slow and work on both.

…Maybe this was very helpful, only time will tell…

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