Reevaluating My Goals

I sooooo want to skip blogging today! This seems to be a steady theme as I try to figure out how I’m going to proceed with working on my school. I am not giving up, I’m just trying to figure the best route to get where I want to go.

Splitting time leaves me exhausted, and I cannot write as well in the evening when I’m exhausted.

I also set my goal as 30 days of blogging again, plus filing state and federal paperwork, when I meant to set as the goal at blogging 5 days a week! I really want to take time off on the weekend, and I wonder if that reflects on my level of passion. I look at it more as self care to avoid burn out, but I wonder what others think…

Since I already posted my goal and my reward, I’m going to stick to the 30 days of blogging, but next month, I think the 5 days a week will still be good and will give me a bit of leeway.

I’m constantly working on balancing everything and some days are more full of personal and family business than others.

I also started out this month tracking my time spent on different projects, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside as well. I had planned on making my own planner, but now I’m thinking another trip to Barnes and Noble is in order, and I need to stop being so picky!  I’m just tracking activity for goodness sake!

I looked for the PERFECT planner and organizer, and when it didn’t exist, I figured I’d just wait or make my own – both approaches are not effective.

Goal this weekend, get back on track! AND get ready to start Whole30 again too. I feel so much better when my food plan is in place!

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