Gooaaaallll! NOT!

Well Shoot! I was going a hundred miles an hour it seems and then I took some time to  truly reassess my steps and had a bit of an emotional pity party.

I’ve spoken to other business owners that relay the same kinds of feelings when their plan isn’t going in the direction they want. Not that I’m not still headed in the right overall direction, I’m just having to readjust my thought processes so I don’t feel like I’m failing because my goals aren’t happening fast enough!

I do believe in pulling from as many sources of information as possible, and through my conversations with mentors, experienced private school personnel, small business owners, friends and family, I’m realizing I have a whole elephant to eat, and I need to thoroughly chew each bite, one at a time.

My goals for January did not work. I did not file my 501(c)3 paperwork, and I stopped blogging when it hit me that I wasn’t going to meet my goals. I probably shouldn’t have, but I was in a pretty negative space and didn’t want to put all that out into the universe! So I kept it inside and took a few weeks to break down the negative bits one by one and expel them.

I feel I’ve let my followers down, and I hope I can maintain a better balance of my time and emotions in order to be more successful and consistent in the future.

Tomorrow will bring a new month and new goals. I’ll continue to share my progress, good and bad, and am open to suggestions and questions and any time.


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