Slow and Steady Wins the Race…

Today is the first of the month and usually I have my goals ready to start on the 1st. Right now I only have 1 goal for the month, and haven’t figured out the rest. The prize is still a pen from DJ Climb Woodworking since I didn’t earn that in January, and my 1 goal so far is to blog at least 5 days a week. This gives me some time off from blogging and if something comes up that demands my attention I can have a “make up” day on the weekend. Ideally, I’ll be blogging Monday -Friday.

Why the change? Well, when discussing my blog, most people are telling me to blog 1-2 times a week or once every 1-2 weeks. I understand that this might be the “normal” blog pattern, but I’m certainly not normal; I enjoy blogging, and I think it helps me stay on track with my goals. Obviously it’s not fool proof, as I demonstrated last month, but I think overall it helps keep the flow going.

I have a general idea for the rest of my goals for the month, but I want to spend the day getting back into the swing of things and bouncing ideas off of others before I commit to specific goals.

I have a full day planned today starting with a SCORE Workshop “Promote Your Business On-Line” with  Robin Warren Internet Strategist from CSRA Web Strategy. As I have so little technical/digital experience, I try to attend these free workshops whenever I can, AND Robin is a great mentor and teacher. I always enjoy her workshops.

In this way, I set the example for future students. This is what it means to be a lifelong learner. We continue to work on our weaknesses by learning new information and skills while teaching our strengths to others which continuously improves our strengths.

After the seminar and a quick bite, I’ll be going back to Jessye Norman School of the Arts to volunteer in their homeschool and after school programs as well as speak with staff about some educational ideas I’ve been kicking around with another teacher who works there Art the Artist.

I’m happy to get back in the routine after my down time and pity party, but a little embarrassed too. I’m nervous about how to present myself and what all I should say. I suppose, since I’m pouring my hear out on my blog, I can leave it at that. I’ll just run today “business as usual” and keep moving forward with a more slow and steady pace rather than the frantic run I was doing before.


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